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Got an idea? Get it Visualised!

Have you ever found yourself with an idea you just can't articulate? Visualised is a hub of creative talent aimed at bringing your ideas to life quickly and easily.

I created Visualised in 2009 to serve an unmet need. I interpret what people say, or invent, using a number of skills ranging from hand drawn live illustration to finished 3D computer renderings and animation. After graduating St. Martins with a degree in Product design I worked with a plethora of companies ranging from Lego to Samsung.

Over the past 20+ years I have generated concept art for everything from royal cakes to interiors for aeroplanes from mobile phones to crunchy snacks. Visualised is a hub of talent waiting to bring your ideas to life.

Matt Stone


There's 101 ways to bring your idea to life

Let us help you find the perfect way. There's a Visualiser who has exactly what you need.

Live Illustration

Running a workshop? Use a Visualiser to capture the ideas in real-time. Visual facilitation can help build better ideas by using a creative mind from outside of your company.

Runnning a conference or event? Use a Visualiser to scribe on a large mural or set of boards. Capture the key messages and learnings from your keynote speakers.

Digital Visualisation

Want to take things to the next level? Book a Visualiser to fine tune your existing ideas by adding extra details, context, branding and colour to add impact to your concepts.

Want to run your new ideas past the key stakeholders? Use a Visualiser to bring the ideas to life using digital software such as Photoshop, Illustrator etc.

3D Visualisation

Final presentation coming up? Make your ideas come to life using 3D visualisation. With a broad range of 3D packages at our fingertips we can create your vision from every angle!

Have an idea on a grander scale? Let us visualise your event or interior so you can quickly build your vision as if you were there.

The Gallery

A small selection of previous work


Want to get your ideas Visualised?

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